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GOHFER v9.2 Neuralog v2020.01
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Artlantis 2019 v8.0.2.16195
Blue Marble Geographic Calculator 2017 Win64
Bridge Software Institute FB-MultiPier v5.4
Cadaplus APLUS 18.094
Datamine Studio OP v2.6.40 x64
Datamine Studio UG 2.3.27 x64
Datamine Studio EM 2.4.44 x64
CAESES FRIENDSHIP-Framework 4.4.0 Win32_64
Carlson SurvCE 6.0
CIMCO Software v8.05.00 x86
AVL CRUISE M & Model.CONNECT v2019.1
MedCalc 19.1.1 Multilingual Win32_64
MSC Simufact Forming 16.0 Win64
SimLab Composer 9 9.1.22 portable Win64
Radimpex Tower v2016
Altair.Flux.2019.0.0.1515 Win64
CHEMCAD Suite v7.1.6
Siemens.NX.1855 Win64
Siemens.NX 1847+ Series.DieDesign.20190313
Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite v23.0 x64
Flowcode Other Compilers
Flowcode Professional Version
Flowcode XC Compilers
GeoMedia Desktop 2018 v16.5 with update3 x64
Graitec ArchiWIZARD 2019 7.0.1 Win32_64
Multi-DNC v7.0
Cadence XCELIUMMAIN v18.03.001 Linux
pix4d v4.4.10
Roxar RMS v2018
TOPS Pro v6.5
FTI Forming Suite v2019.0.0.21976.6_x64
IAR Embedded Workbench for 78K version 4.81
IAR Embedded Workbench for Renesas RX v4.10.2
Visual Micro 1812.22 Arduino IDE for Visual Studio and Atmel Studio
Weise.Fluchtplan v2018
Stat-Ease Design Expert Win32_64mac
WipWare WipFrag v3.3.14.0
ABViewer Enterprise
Blue Marble Global Mapper v20.1.0 Build 110418 x64
Carlson Xport v4.19
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Thunderhead Engineering PetraSim 2018.1.0925 Win32_64
CSiBridge v20.2.0 Build 1445 x32x64
Csimsoft Trelis Pro 16.5.2 x64
Tecplot 360 EX + Chorus 2018 R2 (2018.2.0.92317) Win64 & Linux64 & MacOSX64 3CD
Tecplot Focus 2018 R2 (2018.2.0.92317) Win64 & Linux64 & MacOSX64
Dlubal SHAPE-MASSIVE 6.67.01
Silvaco TCAD v2018 Win/RHEL64
Maplesoft.MapleSim.2018.1 Win/Macosx/Linux
Simplify3D v4.1.0 x86x64
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Petrel v2018
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Ventana Vensim.v7.3.5
Advanced Conveyor Technologies Sidewinder v7.2.2
Agisoft Metroshape 1.5.0 Build 7011 Win64
Altair.Flux.2018.1.1 Win64
Autodesk Fabrication CADmep 2019.1.0
Autodesk Fabrication CAMduct 2019.1.0
Autodesk Fabrication ESTmep 2019.1.0
Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2019 v19.0 Win64
ABViewer Enterprise
Siemens Star CCM+ 13.06.011-R8 (double precision) Linux64
Siemens Star CCM+ 13.06.011-R8 (double precision) Win64
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